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Key to Adam

About Key to Adam

Key to Adam is an instrumental duo in Upshur County, West Virginia that specializes in live ambient music for weddings and other special events. Kiara Williams, who plays the violin/fiddle, and Adam Moyer, who plays the Finger-style guitar, provides a beautiful and romantic background music that doesn’t overpower you or your guests’ conversations. The relaxing ambiance they create with their music will make your event a memorable and magical experience for everyone.

Key to Adam Awards & Achiventments:

2022 WV Governor's Arts Awards - Resiliency in the Arts

2021, 2022, & 2023 The Best of WV Weddings for Live Music

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024 The Knot Best of Weddings Awards

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024 Wedding Wire Couple Choice Awards

2023 The Knot Hall of Fame

1st Runner Best of West Virginia 2022 Musician/Band

3rd place Best of West Virginia 2021 & 2023 Musician/Band

$7,437.00 Grant from the WVDACH for our Live Streams 2021

$5,000.00 Grant from the WVDACH for Professional Development 2023

Our Story

Our story starts in the year 2016 downtown at a Coffee Shop called Dough Re Mi. Adam used to run a daytime open mic and encouraged people to either perform and share their music or play along with him. Adam had accordion, banjo, and so many other instrument players come to the open mic. Ron Pugh was telling Kiara for over 2 months that she should come to this open mic at a coffee shop in town. He said it was really fun and we would have a wonderful time. Kiara told him “I’ll come one day soon.” One day she finally went to the open mic with her mother & friend. Key and her friend played a couple of tunes and jammed with the other musicians that were there. Adam started to play a chord progression that he was working on. Kiara started listening to him and then picked up her instrument out of her case and started playing along with him. It instantly clicked. It felt like the whole room just turned quiet and we were the only ones there. Adam said when she started playing along with it, it sounded like the background music to “Braveheart.” Adam would play things different in the song and Key would play the same thing. (it’s like she would know what he would play next.) After we got done we actually had someone come up to us and hire us to play that song in a local documentary. We said, "first off we don't even know each other and we just wrote that right now." We friended each other on Facebook and started working on our journey and practicing from then on.
For 6 months straight from that day on we would practice almost every day for 6 to 8 hours straight. He never met anyone that could practice as long as he did or play the same song for that long.

Later that week we got asked to do a Christmas song on the "Christmas in the Country CD" for the Banks District Volunteer Fire Department. The Christmas song we recorded for that CD was “What Child is This.”
6 months before I met Adam, he actually saw me at Fasnacht in Helvetia, WV. Adam was watching Kiara play in a jam session with some of her favorite people. You can see the back of Adam's head with the grey sweater in the photo down below.
Fun Fact about Kiara & Adam! Their first gig was an Open House for a Funeral Home. Tomblyn-Clutter Funeral Home renovated their venue and wanted us to play for there open house.
Everyone always wonders why we chose the name Key to Adam. Kiara’s nickname is Key (Kiara is hard to say and Key is easier to remember) and Adam didn't do much with his music when Kiara first met him. Adam played Finger-Style Guitar as a meditation to fall asleep at night because he had so many back surgeries, but whenever Kiara started playing with him it added a different dimension to his music. It was like Kiara was the “Key” to Adam’s music, but the name has multiple meanings. That is just how we chose it.
We want to thank Ron Pugh for pushing Kiara to come to Dough Re Mi’s Open Session. If Kiara would have never gone to Dough Re Mi, she would've never met Adam
Here we are now and we are so happy to be surrounded by so many people that enjoy our music, it really means the world to us. We can't thank every single one of you enough for supporting our music. We love you all!
-Kiara & Adam (Key to Adam)
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