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Adam is sponsored by Breedlove Guitars the guitar he plays. Check out his artist site on Breedlove Guitars website! We are so excited to be a part of the Breedlove family. Guitars that look as classy as they sound. They are the sweetest and best support team you could ask for! If you haven’t checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?! 

Adam's Story

Adam Moyer, a Fingerstyle Guitarist, never dreamt music would end up being the thing that saved him.


Adam grew up in New Jersey, and although he grew up surrounded by music, most of his childhood was spent focusing on sports. He did play saxophone from an early age and through high school and learned guitar basics from a book his senior year. As the years passed, some sports injuries revealed underlying issues with his neck and spine. Unable to be active physically anymore, Adam poured himself into his work in the banking industry. The physical issues progressed until after a few years of being unable to work and barely able to move, he found himself in a dark place. Having exhausted reading and television and needing something to take off the constant pain and inability to sleep he turned to guitar again. He found that when he played it lessened the pain and allowed him to rest his eyes when he couldn’t sleep, meditating while playing. The music and the mental focus combined to distract his brain from the misery.


During his time in college, Adam’s mother moved to West Virginia, and when he visited her, he loved the beauty and truly enjoyed his time in the Mountain State. After moving around the northeast for most of his life, he realized the slower pace, natural beauty, and nearby family support would be beneficial for his health and situation. Packing some clothes and his guitar, he headed down to Upshur County, West Virginia.


Around this same time his grandmother, Rosemarie was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He started sharing the videos he made with her and she experienced the same comfort and healing from his music. In June 2015, Adam’s grandmother passed away. Not long before her passing, she told Adam’s mother to use part of her inheritance to get him a really nice instrument, knowing how much music meant to him. While Adam was browsing the internet one evening, he came across a beautiful red cedar Breedlove guitar that was the perfect fit in size for him. His mother remembered Rosemarie’s wish and gladly purchased the guitar. The sound of the instrument paired perfectly with Adam’s unique playing style. The red colors that shone so beautifully on the front of the guitar-led Adam to affectionately call it “Rosie.”


Adam brought his guitar with him everywhere he went. On nice days, Adam could be found playing all around town. After playing at several open mics around the state, Adam decided to create a day time open mic at a coffee shop to allow the community an easier chance to get involved in music. For Adam’s sets, he always encouraged people to play along with him, and really enjoyed the chance to finally get to play music with others. Many different musicians passed through, with accordions, washtub basses, triangles, and banjos. One summer day, a fiddle player named Kiara hesitantly walked in with her fiddle and sat down. For months a regular at the open mic had been trying to convince her to come, and she finally heeded his advice. Adam was playing one of his original songs and Kiara, or Key as her family called her, picked up her fiddle and began to play along. The room fell silent and the music they created together was hauntingly beautiful. They both knew they found something special in one another and that day Key to Adam was born.


Coming from two different backgrounds made for a very eclectic mix of genres. Their sets range from Metallica to Canon in D to Whiskey Before Breakfast. While Adam and Kiara love playing at weddings and their regular gigs, they find fulfillment in volunteering at nursing homes and showing kids how to play instruments. When they see the residents at the nursing homes with their eyes closed swaying back and forth while listening to our music – or seeing the kids light up when they play brings joy them and brightens their day.

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